Friday, 3 September 2010

The start of something new

Well the traveling fatigue is wearing off now and I'm ready to start really enjoying this place. Yesterday and today we have done orientation. Part of that yesterday involved walking around our town on a scavenger hunt. I was FINALLY able to use the little bit of spanish that my friends have so lovingly drilled into my head. My scavenger group was in a vegi shop and was trying to figure out what a root looking vegi was. I asked a man "como se dice?" (how do you say this) and in a very manly guttural way he answeres "RRRABON!" I asked him to repeat and he said it again. It kinda reminded me of an old hebrew man because instead of rolling his RR he made that throaty sound that's more of a RHG sound. He thought we were still puzzled so he took out paper and wrote down "RABON" then wrote it again in cursive underneath. lol i think he was just showing off his ability to write. we told him good job and then went on our marry ways. Later that day we ate at a resturant and for about 30 min i was trying to learn words that i could fit together that would compliment a chef. I finally pieced together the words "good" "work" and "delicious" and was quite proud of myself when i yelled that across our table at the chef. He thought it was pretty funny.

Well we meet our host families today. hope that goes well. Adios

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