Monday, 6 September 2010

Me cabesa...

Exploring, weddings, church, kids, football and class... this sums up my last few days:

Me and Neil (my droomate) have explored quite a bit around our house. It's the coolest place ever! I still just feel like it's all a movie. I found a little cliff near my house that local kids like to jump off of so that the americana (or sometimes they will yell canadian) could take pictures of them. Wile i was there, a mob of naked 5-8 year olds came running/swimming over to me. they also joined in the cliff jumping and also wanted many pictures taken... lol.

Neil knows a bit of spanish so I am often looking at him when someone talks to me. The family told us something about going to iglesia (church) on saturday night. so we got dressed for church and grabbed our bibles. "no necesito biblia" so we left the bibles behind and were quite confused. When we arrived we saw that we were really going to church for a wedding. jaja that was an amusing surprise... later there was a reception that only the close family members could go to. so they dropped of me and Neil, along with two other girls from our group that stayed with a family attending the reception, at our house. We then spent the night playing euchre and dominos :)

Church was really frustrating... they translated about half of it. during the other half I was zoning out and trying not to fall asleep. and even during the translation part it was still very slow and hard to concentrate on... the worship was good though

whilst walking around our city, Neil and I ran into a baseball field. It happened to be the field that a fellow SI worker runs. He saw us and yelled "hola amigos! come and play! come and share!" so we then spent the next hour or so playing baseball :) at the end we tried to give a very broken gospel message to the kids. that was good :)

We got a little american time when the SI guys invited us to be a part of their fantasy football league. haha I'm not all that into football except as a social event but since this was social i decided to join up. lets go cowboys defense :P

I'm not a fan of class... some parts were super easy and other parts I was completely lost during...  iiiyy me cabesa (aaah... my head...)

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